The United States Boomerang Association

Spreading the word about an ultra-modern sport with pre-historic roots

The United States Boomerang Association is a Non-Profit 501(c) organization that seeks to promote the art, science and sport of boomerangs in the United States.  The USBA is also a member of the IFBA (International Federation of Boomerang Associations). The USBA is a diverse group of folks that share a common passion… boomerangs!  And, yes, they do work.

Our members are craftspeople, artists, athletes and more.  Boomerangs can be crafted with a variety of the finest woods using skills seen in fine furniture making.  Boomerangs can be thrown as fast as 100mph and as far as a football field with return.  Regional tournaments are held throughout the United States and a National Tournament is held annually.  Aesthetic Competitions (arts and crafts) are held at the USBA Nationals and tournaments are open to all; men, women and youth from Novice to Expert.  More than a dozen countries throughout the world participate in the World Boomerang Championships every two years.

While the boomerang has existed for at least 15,000 years in Australia, boomerangs as an organized sport began in the 1960s in Australia and the United States. In the United States, the boomerang movement was triggered in part by a milestone article on boomerangs in a 1968 Scientific American, and nurtured by the Smithsonian Institute which sponsored yearly educational workshops in the making and throwing of boomerangs.

The United States Boomerang Association (USBA) was officially formed in 1982. Now the sport is practiced worldwide, with team and individual world championships held every two years. Based upon boomerang sales estimates by the many cottage industry manufacturers, there are now hundreds of thousands of recreational boomerang throwers across the US and the numbers escalate annually. These people are competitive athletes, recreational throwers, master woodcarvers, casual woodworkers, aeronautical engineers, high school science teachers, artists, anthropologists, and every other walk of life. The USBA brings them all together into a society that offers a forum for discussion, a vast information resource, and news of the boomerang world. 

The USBA is a 100% volunteer organization charged with promoting the sport, science, and art of boomerangs in the United States and worldwide. We work toward these goals on many levels, and grooming players for the international circuit is only one of many USBA activities. The Toss Across America event is the USBA’s premier grassroots effort. The annual event introduces thousands of people to the sport at locations all over the country on the same day. Local boomerang enthusiasts, with the help of the USBA, organize events designed to teach their communities about the sport, science and art of boomerangs.