The USBA began hosting annual tournaments in 1982 picking up where the Smithsonian Resident Associates’ Program left off after a decade of annual boomerang events that began in 1970. Fittingly, it was Australian Bob Burwell who won the event in 1982 to start things off right. Here are the annual champions since then…


1982 Bob Burwell, Australia, in Washington, DC
1983 Chet Snouffer, Ohio, in Washington DC
1984 Dennis Maxwell, Australia, in Delaware, OH
1985 Larry Ruhf, Massachusetts, in Sacramento, CA
1986 Barnaby Ruhe, NYC, in Atlanta, GA
1987 Chet Snouffer, Ohio, in Cuyahoga Valley, OH
1988 Chet Snouffer, Ohio
1989 Chet Snouffer, Ohio in Gunnison, CO
1990 Chet Snouffer, Ohio
1991 Chet Snouffer, Ohio
* Editor’s Note: From 1992-1995 The US decided to rename the all-comers tournament the “US Open”. “The US OPEN” served as the day-before qualifier for the top 12 to qualify for the “Nationals” the next day.
1992 US Open Chet Snouffer
1992 Nationals Chet Snouffer, Ohio
1993 US Open Chet Snouffer, Ohio
1993 National Champion Chet Snouffer
1994 US Open Champion Chet Snouffer
1994 National Champion Chet Snouffer
1995 US Open Champion Chet Snouffer
1995 National Champion John Flynn, Vermont, in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
1996 Chet Snouffer, Ohio, in Virginia Beach, VA
1997 Stevie Kavanaugh, Washington, in Delaware, OH
1998 Rob Parkins, Massachussetts
1999 Gregg Snouffer, Ohio
2000 Chet Snouffer, Ohio, in Canton, OH
2001 Iizuka Nobuyuki, Tokyo, in Delaware, OH
2002 Gregg Snouffer, Ohio, in Seattle, WA
2003 Adam Ruhf, Amherst, MA in Houston, TX
2004 Matt Goleanor, Nashville, TN in Delaware, OH
2005 Matt Goleanor, Nashville, TN
2006 Harold Steck in Atlanta, GA
2007 Daniel Bower, Seattle, WA in Eau Claire WI
2008 Harold Steck, CT/Germany in Dallas, TX
2009 Daniel Bower, Seattle, WA, in Delaware, OH
2010 Daniel Bower, Seattle, WA, in Eau Claire, WI
2011 Richard Bower, Seattle WA, in Canton, OH
2012 Richard Bower, Seattle, WA, in Nashville, TN
2013 Takeshi Honda, Japan, in Albuquerque, NM
2014 Dan Bower, Seattle, WA, in Delaware, OH
2015 James Stickney, Seattle WA, in Chicago, IL
2016 Rich Bower, Seattle WA, in Madison, WI

2017 Daniel Bower, Seattle, WA, in Columbia, SC

2018 TBD, in Snohomish, WA


Events Contested at Nationals:

Accuracy 100, Fast Catch, Endurance, Maximum Time Aloft, Trick Catch & Australian Round

*Long Distance is contested as it’s own event separately from Nationals & due to field size may be thrown at a different time of the year.


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