The sport of boomerangs is truly something you have to see to believe -- and is about far more than just throwing and catching. It involves a great deal of speed, agility, balance and coordination. Throwers of all ages and both genders compete equally on the field in seven different events: Fast Catch, Maximum Time Aloft, Aussie Round, Trick Catch, Accuracy, Long Distance and Endurance. The sport is family-friendly and provides an equal playing field for throwers of all ages. Our competitors are not paid athletes, but compete and teach to share their great love for the sport. They've had great success over the years, and have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley's Believe it or Not, countless media outlets and even Sports Illustrated.


The United States Boomerang Association is a 100% volunteer organization charged with promoting the sport, science and art of boomerangs in the United States and worldwide. We work toward these goals on many levels, and grooming players for the international circuit. This non-profit organization was founded in 1980 and serves as the governing body for sanctioned US boomerang functions. The USBA also oversees all operations of the United States Boomerang Team. 


The United States Boomerang Team consists of the 12 best throwers in the country. Regular boom competitions take place year round, but the world championship takes place every two years as does team trials. The current US Team recently took third at the 2014 World Boomerang Cup in Perth, Australia, but no team in the world has won more world cups than the US. The next world championship will take place in 2016 in Cologne, Germany and we would love for you to be a sponsor. Sponsorship would include your name and logo on all team uniforms and other materials at the 2016 World Cup - and tournaments year round. We would make sure our banners listed your company at every USBA-sanctioned event, mentioned at every media engagement, area demos and extensively on social media. Our team would perform demonstrations at the venue of your choice.


Boomerang Carnets

Boomerang Carnets | CIB has been the primary sponsor of the USBA for over 10 years.  Their dedication to the world of boomerangs is hugely appreciated.  For more info on their services, visit them at


Mark Legg is owner of The Boomerang Shop in Orlando, Florida
Bill Glover is a longtime maker, thrower, Award Winning Boomerang Artist and proud member of the USBA....and Bill gives back, just like a boomerang!
David Hirsch founded the Boomerang Assc. of Dallas (B.A.D.) in 1980.
A maker of carbon fiber products, Dragon Plate supplies carbon fiber for US Team boomerangs.
Gary Broadbent provides boomerang demonstrations and motivational speaking.
Boomerang Transport is a nationwide medical transportation company specializing in Worker’s Compensation transport with a focus on the Southeast Region of the United States.
For Miale Gix Law, the same qualities that have made Betsylew R. Miale-Gix a world champion athlete for ten years have made her among the most winning attorneys in Personal Injury Law.
B-man, Rich Giving Fast, Personal Service since 1975.
Eric Darnell's boomerangs are known and flown throughout the world.