Athletes in the sport compete in both individual and team competition. Individual tournaments are held across the country from May through October. Check our calendar of events for a tournament in your area. US Nationals is held annually. The 2016 National Championship will be in Madison, WI June 24-26. The World Boomerang Championship is held once every 2 years. The next World Cup will be in Kiel, Germany July 22 – August 1, 2016.

Here is a quick rundown of the events:


Accuracy 100

Target practice with boomerangs (except, you are the target). You throw from a bullseye painted on the ground. You get points based on where the boomerang lands in relation to the bullseye. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)


Trick Catch

Throw the boomerang perform the following catches: one-handed with left then right hand, under the leg (two-handed and one-handed), behind the back (two-handed and one-handed), tunnel (catch between the legs with both feet planted on the ground), hackey (kick boomerang in air before catching), foot-catch (get down and catch between your feet). Now try the same catches with two boomerangs thrown at the same time. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)


Fast Catch

All about speed. Whoever can make five throws and catches the fastest wins. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)



Fast Catch for five minutes. Most number of catches in five minutes wins. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)


Maximum Time Aloft (MTA)

How long can you get your boomerang to stay in the air before you catch it? Although all events use a specific type of boomerang, MTA boomerangs are extremely specialized. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)


Australian Round

combines distance, accuracy and catching. A boomerang with a range of 50 meters gets maximum distance points. A catch in the bullseye gets maximum accuracy and catching points. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)


Long Distance

World record is 238 meters out with a full return. (Tips and Tricks) (Rules)


Note: All boomerangs must have a minimum range of 20 meters, as measured by range judges positioned throughout the boomerang field (below). In Aussie Round, you get bonus points for going further than 30 meters.

Four throwers per team compete in each event in team competition.

Team Relay

Sprint 30 meters into the bullseye. Throw a 30-meter boom. Catch, tag bullseye, sprint back. Tag off. (Rules)


Team Endurance Relay

Sprint to the bullseye. Throw and catch a 20M boom for one minute. Sprint back. Tag off. (Rules)


Team Supercatch

Teammate A throws an MTA boomerang. Teammates B, C, and D throw Fast Catch boomerangs until the MTA is caught. Count total catches. (Rules)


Team Accuracy



Team Trick Catch



Team MTA



Team Australian Round

Just like in Individual tournaments. Scores go toward total team score. (Rules)


Team Position

Four teammates. Eight throws. Make the next throw from where the last one was caught. Closest team to bullseye after eighth throw wins. (Rules)



Kinda like Ultimate Disc, but with boomerangs. (Rules)



Kinda like HORSE in basketball, do a trick catch or get a letter. (Rules)



Who can shred the biggest air and raddest points?



Throw one boomerang. Before you catch it, throw another one. Always keep one in the air. (Rules)


Throwstick (Kyle) Games

Throwsticks are big, heavy, club-like non-returning boomerangs (think aerodynamic baseball bat), but they’re still fun! Try throwing for distance, accuracy, or play throwstick golf (like disc-golf with a  throwstick).

Tournament directors are eligible to receive one of several CIB/USBA tournament grants. Please reach out to the Treasurer or President of the USBA for more info. Tournament grants are issued on a first come first served basis.


The Boomerang Field