from Will Gix, US Team Member:
Accuracy is like all of the other boomerang events. It’s all a matter of attitude.

In other events you can make up for a throwing mistake with athletic ability. You can move and make the catch. Accuracy is all about making a good throw. The bull’s eye doesn’t move. You make a good throw and the boomerang does what it does – return. It really is that simple.

I emphasize attitude because many people dislike Accuracy. If you go in with the attitude that something is going to suck, it probably is going to suck and you’re going to suck while doing it. The boomerang and the bull’s eye are your friends – have fun.

You want a boomerang that loses rotation and drops like a rock. Dancing, spinning, and running make it more difficult to have your two friends meet. I also recommend picking one that you are comfortable with and using it all of the time. Learn to adjust your throw rather than changing the boomerang. During almost every Accuracy event the winds change. It is up to you to adapt and score as many points as the conditions will allow.

Example of a nylon accuracy competition boomerang (20+ meter flight)