from Adam Ruhf, World Record holder, 14.6 seconds

Tips: Make sure you chose a boomerang that you have control over. The goal is to only make 5 throws- you’ll be faster that way! If you are having trouble making range, or the wind conditions are difficult, throw more to the right, and then expect to move forward to catch the boomerang. Keeping your throw vertical will also assist in a more predictable and manageable flight path. Wear a few rubber bands on your wrist and if the wind picks up, wrap one or two halfway down a wing to slow it down.

Tricks: You can only go as fast as the conditions will allow. Your first round should be about getting a time and staying within your comfort zone- 5 throws, 5 catches. If you are looking to go faster in your second round, using the same boomerang more efficiently might be the trick. Use your practice round to line up where the boomerang is returning, aiming for it to arrive back on the left side of your body, making transitions easier. If you are ready and the wind seems cooperative before the end of the one-minute warm-up, yell to your timers you are ready, and seize the moment! Practice in your living room by tossing up and catching the boom in the center, and then quickly sliding your throwing hand down a wing. This coordination is critical in the transfer from catch to throw and should be done without thinking, and while your body is already stepping into another throw.


Fast Catch Video: Fast Catch Event Explained


Examples of Nylon and ABS fast-catch competition boomerangs