U.S. Boomerang Teams take 1st & 6th place at 2016 World Boomerang Championships

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US Boomerang Team
The 12 members of the United States Boomerang Team. Left to right: Will Gix, James Stickney, George Essig, Gary Broadbent, Kenny Barr, Adam Stankiewicz, Steve Kavanaugh, Daniel Bower, Logan Broadbent, Richard Bower, Betsylew Miale-Gix, Mark Legg.

The United States Boomerang Team took home the championship this summer at the 2016 World Boomerang Cup.

The event was held at the Nordmark-Sportfeld in Kiel, Germany for the second time in tournament history and was comprised of 17 teams from around the world.

The US sent two squads of six. Team 1 included James Stickney, Dan Bower, Rich Bower, Logan Broadbent, Steve Kavanaugh, and Will Gix. Team 2 included Adam Stankiewicz, Kenny Barr, Betsylew Miale, Mark Legg, George Essig, and Gary Broadbent.

Team trials took place in Orlando, FL in March.

Over the course of the four team competition days, US Team 1 held an overall lead longer than any other competing team.

Upon the ending of the first day, Team 1 was seated in third place, tied for first with Switzerland at the end of day two, and sat comfortably in first the final two days, winning the championship by 13 points over the second-place Swiss.

Team 1, also known as “Return of the Rad,” set a world record in MTA Relay with a time of 2:09. They also collected three firsts, two seconds and three fourth-place event wins.

US Boomerang Team 1
Left to right: Richard Bower, Daniel Bower, Steve Kavanaugh, Logan Broadbent, James Stickney, Will Gix

Team 2, “Loose Cannons,” took sixth place overall, collecting five sixth place event titles, two sevenths and one 10th.

They were also able to contribute several points to the first team by scoring higher than some of the consistently-ranked top 5 teams during critical events.

Left to right: Adam Stankiewicz, Kenny Barr, Gary Broadbent, George Essig, Mark Legg, Betsylew Miale-Gix
Left to right: Adam Stankiewicz, Kenny Barr, Gary Broadbent, George Essig, Mark Legg, Betsylew Miale-Gix

In the individual competition, three U.S. Team members ranked in the Top 10, while all team members stayed within the Top 50 out of nearly 120 throwers:

43. George Essig
36. Gary Broadbent
33. Will Gix
32. Betsylew Miale-Gix
30. Adam Stankiewicz
27. Kenny Barr
20. James Stickney
16. Steve Kavanaugh
13. Mark Legg
6. Daniel Bower
5. Rich Bower
2. Logan Broadbent

The next World Cup will be held in 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.